It's Pollinator Week
Take Action to Protect Our Pollinators!

Dear RCC Supporter,

Pollinator Week reminds us that change is critical to the survival of the planet and that we can take action, both in our households and communities and in the state and federal policy arena.

Write President Biden and your governor and tell them to ban all pesticides and treated seeds that harm pollinators. —There are many deadly chemical insecticides including neonicotinoids, synthetic pyrethroids, and organophosphate insecticides that should be banned to protect pollinators. We need a national strategy that will eliminate our dependence on toxic chemical pesticides and help growers and land managers transition to organic alternatives. Ask your governor to take the same steps at the state level.

We must act now to protect our ecosystems and biodiversity and avert an insect apocalypse.

The Rachel Carson Council depends on tax-deductible gifts from concerned individuals like you. Please help if you can.

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