Protecting the public from harmful pesticides has been a core component of the Rachel Carson Council’s mission since the organization’s founding in 1965 and the monumental publication of Silent Spring in 1962.

Decades later, the pesticide manufacturing industry continues to produce toxic chemicals and seek immunity from regulations that would protect agricultural workers, consumers, children, and communities.

As the Farm Bill is negotiated this year in both the House and Senate, the House Committee on Agriculture has presented language in the Farm Bill, especially within the EATS Act (HR.4417/S.2019) and the Agricultural Labeling Uniformity Act (HR.4288), that takes away the rights of local governments to protect their communities from toxic chemicals and weakens’ people’s ability to sue after harmful exposure.

We need you to let your Representative know you support agricultural policies that protect human health first and foremost. Tell them to vote against any Farm Bill language that overrides local governments’ authority to regulate pesticides.

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