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For over a century, since 1918, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) has protected migratory birds from unintentional, but predictable, killings from industrial activity. But under the Trump administration, the MBTA was weakened, opening the door to the killing of migratory birds from explosions, oil spills, collisions and more. President Biden and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are acting to reverse such needless slaughter. But pelicans, geese, songbirds, and more need permanent protection that cannot be quickly eliminated by a future president.

More than 250 different species of
migratory birds in the US are threatened
and in need of tougher protection!
Now there is a real chance
for you to take action!

Tell your representative to support HR 4833, the Migratory Bird Protection Act (MBPA) which reinstates and strengthens these vital protections. Introduced by Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and 46 original co-sponsors in time for Fall migration, this bipartisan bill ensures lasting protections for migratory birds while dealing fairly but strictly with industry developers.

As climate change becomes more severe, migratory birds struggle to survive with more severe weather events, more intense heat and cold, and dying habitats. They do not need added obstacles. We must fight to save them, and the Migratory Bird Protection Act gives us that chance . Write your representative now. It is time to stand up for safe industry practices and the protection of migratory birds!

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