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Tell Congress they must pass vital climate legislation –
the Build Back Better Act – NOW!!!

It can be confusing. Congress just passed the infrastructure bill. And the White House has celebrated a victory. But most of the big, innovative, and vital climate spending and programs are in what is called the Build Back Better (BBB) Act.

BBB has over half a trillion dollars out of $1.75 trillion for clean energy tax credits, manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels, environmental justice measures like replacing diesel school buses, and heavy-duty trucks, as well as measures like coastal restoration, forest protection, and more.

But so-called moderate Democrats and Congressional Republicans have again held up passing Build Back Better. The measure, already cut to appease members like coal baron Sen. Joe Manchin, is vital to slowing climate change and moving to renewable energy.

But the fate of the bill, despite promises, is now uncertain unless we demand action. Moderates are holding out for a score from the Congressional Budget Office before they move forward. And the CBO could find the spending bill would have more than the expected budget deficit impact. In that case, moderates did not say they would commit to voting for the bill, though most of the holdouts did promise to try “to resolve any discrepancies in order to pass the Build Back Better legislation.” Some could conceivably refuse to vote for it at all.

This is unacceptable. Both the House and the Senate must pass the Build Back Better Act!

Look at just one piece of the BBB. We have already had tax credits for electric vehicles, but they have been so stingy that they have been used mostly by the wealthy. The new EV tax credit is bigger ($12,500) and will ensure that everybody can get help buying an EV.  For electric cars that are assembled in the U.S. with union labor and U.S.-made batteries, consumers will get up to $12,500 off their taxes. (If you buy a car not made in the U.S., you can still get up to $7,500 off.) And, for the first time, the credit will be refundable. Let’s say you only owe 10 grand in taxes but qualify for the entire $12,500 tax credit: The Internal Revenue Service will give you the full $2,500 in cash back.

The BBB is packed with items like this that may never be considered again if Congress fails to pass it now.

Tell your Senators and Representative NOW that they MUST vote for Build Back Better. It is not just the vote of a lifetime. It is a vote on which the fate of every family and future generations hangs.

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