The Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension is a proposed 73-mile extension of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) mainline from Pittsylvania County, Virginia into North Carolina’s Rockingham and Alamance Counties. This pipeline would not only cross through disproportionately disadvantaged communities, but it would also cut through precious waterways in North Carolina. The Southgate project developers have asked for a three-year extension of their original certificate, despite missing the necessary authorizations. We need you to tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to deny Southgate’s request to extend their certificate!

This is the latest development on the MVP, a $6.6 billion project designed to transport dangerous methane gas. As the clock runs out on delaying the MVP and its Southgate extension, we need all hands on deck! Sign the petition from our coalition allies at AppalachianVoices to FERC Secretary Kimberly D. Bose. Let her know the MVP and its Southgate Extension must be stopped!

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