Just days after the Biden administration announced that they were continuing to sell off some leases for offshore oil and gas drilling, House Republicans are moving forward with dangerous legislation mandating even more continued offshore lease sales for fossil fuels through 2025!

Representative Gerrit Grave’s (R-LA) Bringing Reliable Investment into Domestic Gulf Energy Production Act of 2023, or BRIDGE Production Act, would mandate at least four offshore oil sales per year in 2024-2025 – that’s more than President Biden required in his entire Five-Year Plan.

But even one lease sale is too many. Continuing to sell off our oceans to the highest bidder is an environmental death sentence; not only does it knock us farther down the path to addressing the climate crisis, but it continues to put frontline coastal communities at risk of catastrophic oil spills.

The next few years are critical to preventing the most irreversible consequences of a rapidly heating planet, and Representative Grave’s fossil fuel friendly bill is a giant leap in the wrong direction.

Tell your Representative NOW to oppose the BRIDGE Production Act.

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