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Last week, the House Conservative Majority passed one of their worst anti-environment bills yet. The Fiscal Year 2024 Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill, meant to fund the Federal government’s investments in our lands, ecosystems, and public health, is chock full of poison pills and bad faith budget cuts. Now it moves to the Senate where you can help stop it if you act NOW!

If passed, the Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill would rescind nearly $10 billion allocated by the Biden Administration’s historic Inflation Reduction Act to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Council on Environmental Quality That’s funding destined for critical investments in environmental justice, resilience, and climate change adaptation.

It also mandates offshore oil and gas drilling that would harm coastal communities, marine species, and dangerously accelerate climate change!

The Rachel Carson Council strongly opposes this bill and urges you to tell your Senators to say NO to this dangerous legislation that would endanger our ecosystems, communities and climate!

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