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Big news: The EPA is stepping up and setting limits on the coal industry’s reckless contamination of our waters with new guidelines on steam power plant pollution limits. We could be on the precipice of witnessing a landmark rule on Big Coal’s endangerment of their power plants’ surroundings. But the EPA needs support from the public to codify it. The agency is holding a public comment period for the next thirty days, and we need all hands on deck!

The RCC has prepared a public comment for you to send directly to the EPA (you can add to or personalize it if you want) It voices your strong support for the rule in a matter of seconds. Just hit the Take Action Button!

What’s at stake? The EPA has proposed guidelines to limit effluent discharge from steam electric power generating plants. This is a strong show of force against the coal industry, a major culprit of severe water pollution in the U.S. The wastewater from coal power plants can contain toxic pollutants like mercury, arsenic, and nickel. At enough exposure, these toxins can lead to acute adverse health effects. These rules will directly address the industry’s responsibility to limit, or in some cases eliminate, toxic chemicals in their facilities’ wastewater and transport water. Without stringent regulations of steam power effluent discharge, vulnerable communities living in close proximity to these plants will continue to suffer the health risks of toxic exposure.

YOU can help get these regulations over the line and reduce toxic emissions from coal plants by submitting our prepared comment today!

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