The EPA is setting new limits on carbon pollution for fossil fuel power plants. By 2042, these new regulations could result in a net decrease of 617 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (the amount to power 75 billion homes for a year!). But the EPA needs support from the public to finalize it. The agency is holding a public comment period until June 6th, and we need all hands on deck!

What’s at stake? The EPA has proposed new pollution standards for fossil fuel-fired power plants. The technology exists for power plants to reduce their carbon emissions, and the EPA is ready to enforce lower pollution levels. This proposal would move the United States closer to a future powered by clean energy. The health, justice, and climate benefits of these pollution limits are numerous – and will amount to $85 billion by 2030! Lives will be saved, communities will be elevated, and our environment will be protected if we enact these new pollution standards now.

The technology exists, but we need YOU to get these regulations over the line and set lower carbon pollution for power plants by submitting our prepared comment today!

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